Networking, Wireless and VoIP

Veracity's expertise in LAN and POE technology, coupled with a thorough understanding of the practical needs of IP equipment installers, enables us to offer a unique range of solutions for all types of network installations.

Easy installation and optimal positioning of wireless APs

Our POINTSOURCE battery powered POE injector allows rapid onsite configuration of wireless access points and other POE-powered equipment, even before network or power cabling is available.  It can also be used for effective site surveys and trial placements of equipment.

Where long cable runs are required for optimal location of equipment, the OUTREACH Max POE and Ethernet extender can increase UTP cable run length up to several hundred metres, while extending POE, POE PLus or even non-standard POE to high-power equipment.

Where only 12 volt power is available, for example mobile applications, or if a 24V system is specified, Veracity's CAMSWITCH Mobile POE switch offers a compact and rugged solution for connection of up to four Power over Ethernet devices.

Increased range and reliability for wired networks

LAN installations over Cat 5e or similar cable are restricted in length to 100 metres (328 feet), yet often longer connections are required.  Veracity's OUTREACH Lite Ethernet extender provides a very cost-effective solution for this, and does not restrict the 100BASE-T network's bandwidth or require local power.

Using OUTREACH Lite to extend network connections

Similarly, a single cable run can branch to many network outlets at increased distances using the OUTREACH Quad Lite POE-powered switch.  Using POE to power remote switching equipment not only saves cost, but also increases reliability, as all power can be sourced from a central, UPS-backed supply.

Rapid expansion of VoIP phone systems

Veracity's CAMSWITCH 4 Plus POE-forwarding switch allows rapid addition of handsets to a VoIP network, with all power still coming from the network socket.  POE power can be upgraded centrally using the OUTSOURCE Plus POE Plus injector if required.

CAMSWITCH 4 Plus allows four VoIP phones to share a single powered network connection