IP Video Surveillance

Veracity has its roots in the IP video industry, and we have tailored our portfolio of products to meet the specific needs of installers and users of IP video surveillance equipment.

Installation of IP video cameras

Our PINPOINT IP camera setup tool is carried by IP video installers everywhere, as it allows direct network access to IP cameras for set-up and focusing, while still using power available on the installed network.
PINPOINT diagram small
Setting up an IP camera using a laptop and PINPOINT

For new installations or test sites where power or network connections are not yet available, the POINTSOURCE battery powered POE injector allows IP cameras to be fully configured at the time of fitting.

Upgrading from analog video

Veracity's range of HIGHWIRE Ethernet over coax converters allow coaxial cables from legacy analog CCTV systems to be transformed into full-bandwidth network connections.  This removes significant expense and time from the proces of upgrading to IP video.  HIGHWIRE products will even run from legacy 12V or 24V power, and can deliver POE to up to  four new cameras.

Upgrading a coaxial installation to IP using HIGHWIRE

In some cases, Cat 5 or similar UTP cable will have been used with video baluns.  This can be used directly for the new network and POE installation, unless it is greater than  100 metres (328 feet) in length, the limit for Ethernet.  A simple solution to this is to use Veracity's OUTREACH Lite Ethernet Extender or OUTREACH Max POE and Ethernet extender.

Using Power over Ethernet

As the POE experts, Veracity can offer a range of products to complement your IP video surveillance installation.

If POE is not already available on a network port, our OUTSOURCE POE midspan injector provides a fast way to upgrade it.  The OUTBREAK POE splitter can also be used to upgrade non-compatible IP cameras to POE.

For edge switching applications, even if only a 24 volt DC or 24 volt AC supply is available, Veracity's CAMSWITCH Quad (superceded with CAMSWICH Plus) can be used to deliver POE and network connections to up to four devices.
CAMSWITCH QUAD diagram small
Powering four IP cameras from CAMSWITCH QUAD.

Finally, adding new cameras or extending and distributing POE power is made easy and reliable with our OUTREACH QUAD POE-forwarding Ethernet switch. (OUTREACH QUAD has been replaced by CAMSWITCH 4 PLUS.)