OUTREACH Quad is superceded by CAMSWITCH 4 Plus



Q  |  What did OUTREACH Quad do?   A |  Extend and distribute POE

OUTREACH QUAD is a POE switch that is also powered by POE, so it can be located wherever it is needed. All power for up to four IP cameras or other network devices is sourced from a single POE-enabled port in a switch closet or control room.

This means that power delivery is reliable, and can even be backed up by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It also doubles the range, as each network cable may be up to 100 meters (328 feet) in length.

Add new cameras

OUTREACH QUAD can be used to "tap off" a new network connection from an existing installed cable. It can be inserted into the cable run to a POE camera at any point, and will forward POE to the camera as well as providing up to three additional network ports.

Intelligent power management

Veracity's unique Power Promise management technology is included in OUTREACH QUAD, eliminating the risk of power loss due to overloading or voltage drops.

OUTREACH QUAD is compatible with regular POE or POE Plus sources, and the OUTSOURCE and OUTSOURCE PLUS POE injectors, and will limit power availability depending on which is used.

For new installations, use of OUTSOURCE PLUS is recommended, as this allows the maximum number of POE devices to be connected.

Designed for installers

OUTREACH QUAD is compact, tough, wall-mountable and requires no user configuration. Each network switch port configures itself automatically for both Ethernet connection and POE delivery.