CAMSWITCH Quad is superceded by CAMSWITCH 4 Plus


CAMSWITCH Quad 145-115

Q  |  What did CAMSWITCH Quad do?   A  | Universal power input


CAMSWITCH Quad is the only POE switch to be compatible with low-voltage power supplies. A wide input voltage range allows existing 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt AC sources to be used.

This means that CAMSWITCH QUAD can be used with legacy installed power supplies, or in other situations where only low voltage electricity is available, such as mobile and transport applications.


Designed for installers


Housed in a compact but rugged wall-mountable aluminum enclosure, CAMSWITCH QUAD can withstand the rigors of IP video installation.

The logical port arrangement and detachable screw-terminal power connector make its deployment and operation straightforward and reliable.

CAMSWITCH Quad's durability makes it ideal for automotive applications, and it carries VCA E-mark type approval.


No configuration required


Simply connect the IP cameras or other network devices and CAMSWITCH QUAD will instantly configure all ports for speed, duplex, and auto-crossover.

POE is enabled automatically to compatible devices with reliability guaranteed by careful power management.

Even the power input is self-configuring, adapting to the voltage, polarity and type (AC or DC) of power supply connected.