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Power over Ethernet Explained Part 1
Learn more about POE technology and how to get the best out of it, starting with the basics.

Power over Ethernet Explained Part 2
The second part of this article tackles common myths and misconceptions, explains high-power schemes including POE Plus, and gives a brief insight into the technology behind POE.

Ethernet over Coax Explained
Find out about Veracity's HIGHWIRE Ethernet over Coax (EoC) technology, its applications, and how to use it in your installation.


White Papers

VWP-001  Power Without the Struggle
This paper provides a brief introduction to Power over Ethernet, and makes the case for Power over Ethernet deployment wherever possible.  By promoting its benefits, and how to overcome its few limitations, it explains how to take full advantage of POE technology.

VWP-002  POE Explained
A more detailed but carefully-explained look at the principles of Power over Ethernet and POE equipment.  By understanding a little more about how POE works, users can learn how to employ this technology most effectively while avoiding any pitfalls.

VWP-003  Power Promise Technology
This paper summarises the technical reasons why careful power management is required for POE extension and distribution.  The advantages of Power Promise, Veracity's unique, patent-pending solution to this, are stated and explained.



The importance of Accurate Time for Video Surveillance and Access Control
Accurate time is crucial for ensuring surveillance recordings are admissible as evidence.  This article explains why, and how network and GPS technology provide a means to synchronise DVRs to an accurate time signal.

Storage for Surveillance
This article summarises the trends in storage systems for security applications, explaining their principal weakness - the hard disk - and how future technologies will offer greatly increased reliability.

How to get the best from POE
Article from CPS magazine explaining POE's benefits and how to exploit them