Outdoor Ethernet and POE Extender

OUTREACH Max XT Outdoor Ethernet Extender

Outdoor Ethernet and POE Extender

OUTREACH Max XT lets you locate your external IP camera or wireless transmitter right where you want it, without being restricted by the 100metre (328 feet) limit for Ethernet cables.

Based on Veracity's established OUTREACH Max extender, compatibility with regular 802.3af POE, 802.3at POE plus and 802.3bt High power POE is assured, with no configuration or setup required.

Its rugged and streamlined enclosure features IP67, NEMA 4X/6P rated connector covers that assemble easily around conventionally terminated Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables.

Guaranteed operation over an extended temperature range and versatile mounting options mean OUTREACH Max XT is suited to a wide range of installation scenarios.

And inter-building network links or extension to non-POE equipment is also supported, with Veracity's OUTREACH Lite XT model.

A 24V POE model for wireless applications is available to special order mailto:support@veracityuk.com please enquire

OUTREACH Max XT enables extension of Ethernet and high power POE in outdoor environments.

Network, POE and Range:

See the OUTREACH Max page for OUTREACH Max XT specifications
See the OUTREACH Lite page for OUTREACH Lite XT specifications


Ambient temperature -40C to 70C / -40F to 158F
Relative humidity up to 85% non-condensing
Ingress protection to IP67, NEMA 4X/6P enclosure polycarbonate


W 50mm x H 31mm x L 125mm (210mm with connectors fitted)
Mounting plate 74 x 64 x 2mm

IP Video and Security


OUTREACH Max XT Ethernet extenders are ideal for IP video applications, as they eliminate the one disadvantage that network cameras have compared to older analogue cameras: the limited cable length. As POE is becoming universal in digital video installations, Cat 5 cable extension is as simple as connecting an OUTREACH Max XT wherever it is needed.

OUTREACH Max XT can also be used to upgrade legacy twisted-pair video installations to IP with POE, where the Cat 5 infrastructure for a network is already in place, but run lengths exceed the 100 meter limit for Ethernet.

PTZ cameras, heater/blower units and door interlocks are all examples of products that are adopting the extended-power POE Plus standard that OUTREACH Max XT also supports.

Wireless networking


Like IP cameras, wireless access points (WAPs) are ideally suited to POE as they must be positioned optimally in locations that are often inaccessible or remote. Using OUTREACH Max XT, a WAP - or Bluetooth access point or RFID reader - can be located just where it is needed for optimal coverage.

High-power radios and 802.11n APs can take advantage of the POE Plus power which OUTREACH Max XT supports.

Extending non-POE networks


OUTREACH Max XT can be used in combination with OUTREACH Lite XT to extend networks without POE from 300 meters to over 2 kilometers.

VOR-ORM-XT OUTREACH Max XT outdoor-rated network extender for POE devices up to 60 watts, including IP67, Nema 4X/6P rated connector covers and 2/4 bolt wall-mounting bracket
VOR-ORL-XT OUTREACH Lite XT outdoor-rated network extender for non-POE equipment, including IP67, Nema 4X/6P rated connector covers and 2/4 bolt wall-mounting bracket
VOR-OS-30 OUTSOURCE enhanced 802.3af, 802.3at injector for maximum POE range and power
VOR-OS-90 OUTSOURCE 90 enhanced 802.3at, 802.3bt injector for maximum POE Plus range and power


XT models have the same network and POE specifications as the corresponding standard OUTREACH model. They are also available in Gigabit versions.

OUTREACH Max XT Datasheet

OUTREACH Max GXT Datasheet

OUTREACH Lite XT Datasheet

OUTREACH Lite GXT Datasheet