Install IP cameras virtually anywhere


Veracity's latest innovation enables the placement of IP cameras almost anywhere on an installation site.

Our new LONGSPAN® device provides full-speed network connection and maximum POE power point-to-point at over 2,600ft (800m) on a single run of normal network cable.

LONGSPAN Couple 200-150

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LONGSPAN devices are used in pairs, one at the head end and one at the device end.  The head end LONGSPAN can accept POE in from a POE switch or other POE source.  Alternatively, for maximum power, distance and lowest overall cost, LONGSPAN can act as the POE injector itself using Veracity's low-cost PSU.  POE and data are transmitted over the Cat5e/6 cable to the LONGSPAN at the device end.  This unit provides POE to the IP camera at up to 25 watts.  LONGSPAN also uses Veracity's SafeView™ diagnostic status display for data activity and power level - the same tried and tested technology which has been so successful in Veracity's HIGHWIRE Powerstar Ethernet and POE over coax solution.

In common with all Veracity innovative IP transmission products, installation is entirely automatic.  There is nothing for the installer to configure - just connect and go.  LONGSPAN provides a completely transparent connection to the IP camera (or indeed any other network device).

LONGSPAN diagram small

Thus LONGSPAN offers 100Base-T Ethernet and POE at extreme distances, making IP camera installation simple, convenient and cost-effective, even for those difficult-to-reach locations.  Indeed, LONGSPAN may be used for long run connections between network switches or between any type of Ethernet devices.  Guaranteed 100Base-T connections at the stated distances eliminates the network bandwidth performance issues of inferior products which cause integrators so many headaches with stuttering IP video.  Further, the SafeView indicates (at both ends of the cable run) the actual power level available at the device end, providing the system integrator the confidence that the installation is well within limits and will be completely reliable.

LONGSPAN rack image largeUp to 24 LONGSPAN devices may be fitted into a 1U rackmount solution, along with a low-cost rackmount PSU bracket, providing an extremely compact and low cost solution for multiple long runs.  Using Veracity's low-cost PSUs, each LONGSPAN then doubles as a POE Plus injector, providing an effective 24-port POE Plus injector system in 1U.

LONGSPAN is also capable of delivering 100Base-T over a single twisted pair at 1,000ft (300m) and 10Base-T up to 3,000ft (900m).  There exists vast installed base of analog cameras installed with long runs of single twisted pair or CAT5e using video baluns.  LONGSPAN is ideal for replacing these obsolete baluns, allowing the existing UTP cabling to be re-used for IP video cameras.  This provides the end-user with an excellent and highly cost-effective migration path to IP.

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