Veracity PINPOINT solves set-up problems for POE network cameras

Veracity, the leader in IP connectivity and transmission solutions, has launched PINPOINT, an adaptor which helps installers to easily set-up and focus POE-enabled network cameras.  Installers can make instant focusing adjustments by viewing network camera output via a laptop or PDA when they are next to the camera location.

The PINPOINT adaptor eliminates the need for an additional person to view the IP camera output remotely, relaying focusing and pointing instructions (typically via a mobile phone), to the camera installer set-up. Unlike analogue cameras, which can be set up using a portable analogue video LCD monitor, IP cameras require decoding and decompression of the digital video stream for display. PINPOINT allows POE to be passed through to the camera, whilst allowing a local laptop or PDA to be networked directly to the camera. This saves time and cost as the camera installer takes total control of the set-up through viewing live images from the camera as he is installing it.

PINPOINT is a compact device (58mm x 32mm x 21mm) which features three network ports - two sockets and a short flying RJ45 lead. PINPOINT enables the installer to disconnect the POE powered network cable from the camera that requires set-up and plug it into PINPOINT. The camera is then powered by re-connecting the camera through PINPOINT's flying lead, passing through the POE. PINPOINT's third network port then provides a direct network connection to the IP camera allowing the installer to set-up and focus the camera using a laptop or PDA by connected to this port.

PINPOINT diagram small

PINPOINT is powered by POE and does not require an additional power supply.  It  is compatible with standard POE (IEEE 802.3af), POE Plus (IEEE 802.3at) and most non-standard POE up to 30 watts. The device also features a 'POE enabled' indicator to provide visual confirmation that the camera is receiving power. With the electronics in a tough, solid-moulded casing, PINPOINT is ideally suited to the rigours of everyday installation use.

Alastair McLeod, managing director, Veracity UK Limited, commented:
"We developed PINPOINT through talking to installers who were frustrated that it wasn't easy to focus POE powered IP cameras without using an additional person monitoring the images - typically communicating back from the control room on a mobile phone.  PINPOINT is a simple adaptor that maintains POE power to the camera and also allows the installer to take control of the installation and view live camera images via their laptop or PDA. We believe PINPOINT will save installers time, cost and eliminate the frustration of two-person camera focusing."

PINPOINT is available through Veracity's usual distribution channels. See for availability news. Recommended retail price is £39.00. Veracity products are available through Mayflex, Norbain, Anixter, Black Box, DVS and Videnda in Ireland and via specialist online stores such as Network Webcams.


About Veracity
Veracity has developed a family of innovative products to support pure IP-Surveillance and analogue-IP video hybrid projects.  These products solve practical connectivity problems in system design and deployment. Veracity focuses on transmission, time synchronisation, storage and displays solutions.  It has specific expertise in enabling high bandwidth megapixel network video systems. The company has offices in the US and UK and its products are selling right across the world via direct and OEM agreements and a network of distributors.