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| Manufacturing facilities require video surveillance for security and for health and safety

| Access control may be most important for such facilities, but video is ideal for compliance audit trails

| A VIEWSCAPE integration platform may be ideal for manufacturing, with COLDSTORE NVR for video





"Manufacturing facilities require physical security to protect valuable assets, ensuring employee safety, safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining operational continuity, and complying with regulatory requirements. Video surveillance is often secondary to access control, which is paramount for manufacturing facilities, both to prevent theft and to ensure safety. However, video surveillance can be used for both security purposes and for manufacturing process monitoring. With a more general application than specific machine vision systems for manufacturing process control and product inspection, video monitoring using surveillance systems is useful for health and safety purposes, proving compliance through a video audit trail, general surveillance on manufacturing floors, plant and equipment. We can summarise manufacturing facility security requirements as follows: Asset Protection Employee Safety Data Security Operational Continuity Compliance with Regulations A manufacturing facility will sometimes require the integration of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarm Monitoring and other specialised systems, like IoT devices or SCADA systems for data acquisition and analysis. Veracity’s VIEWSCAPE integrated management platform, combined with a COLDSTORE NVR video recording solution, can provide the video monitoring facility with integration of ACS and alarm monitoring."
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