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| Major differences between video storage and IT storage

| Sequential storage results in very low power consumption

| Far more efficient and lower TCO than RAID-based storage




Low-Power Video Storage

"There are significant differences between data storage for IT applications and storage for video applications. The differences are found in how data are generated, written, stored, deleted, retrieved and managed. (See Veracity White Paper on "The Differences Between IT Data and Video Data"). There are significant advantages to be gained from designing a storage system dedicated to video surveillance applications, by exploiting the time-sequential nature of real-time video recording. This is exactly why Veracity designed and patented the COLDSTORE hard disk storage array. One of the many advantages gained is that video can be recorded to disk sequentially (like video tapes) and all other disks are switched off. This simple step provides enormous power savings, so that COLDSTORE solutions can store video using less than 0.1W per TB! This is in direct contrast to RAID-based systems, where all disks must be on all the time, consuming up to 5 times more power than an equivalent COLDSTORE."
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