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| Fibre-optic cabling can achieve longer network connection distances than copper cabling

| Immunity to interference advantages must be balanced against lack of power transmission

| Choosing Ethernet over fibre over copper cabling is dependent upon the specific requirements of the application




Ethernet Over Fibre

"Ethernet over Fibre is a networking technology that utilises fibre-optic cables to transmit Ethernet signals for high-speed data transfer and connectivity. Fibre optic cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic that transmit data using light signals. In security applications, key advantages include: Long distances without signal loss Immunity to electromagnetic interference However, fibre optic cabling solutions also have a couple of disadvantages: They cannot transmit power, so POE delivery is not possible Cable installation and termination requires a higher skill level Balancing these disadvantages with the considerable advantages of fibre optic technology is essential when considering its implementation in a specific project."
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